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Owen: Month Three

Once again I am late with Owen’s monthly post. Maybe one of these days I’ll actually get it posted on time It’s been a wild

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Owen: Month Two

Owen is two months old! This little man is growing soooooo fast. He is already over 14 pounds and steadily gaining . William was so

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Bright and Airy Family Photo Session: Canton Oklahoma Portrait Photographer- Our Family June 2019

I am so excited! For a couple of reasons actually! For one, I am officially off of maternity leave and accepting clients again! I can’t wait to get back to shooting and I am so looking forward to working with some new families in the near future!
I’m also super psyched because we finally got to take our first family portraits as a family of four and it went so so well! 

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6 ways you can support your small business owning friends

We all have at least a friend or two who is a small business owner. Whether it’s on the side, or their full time gig, owning a business takes a tremendous amount of time and effort. So often we as people want to support and encourage our friends however we can, but is the way we are “helping” really help?

Here are top tips for supporting a friend with a small business, even if you may not be “doing business” with them:

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Owen: Month One

Somehow a month has already gone by!  It seems like Owen gets bigger everyday (a few of my siblings are convinced he grows a little

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