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Ayra Grace | Newborn Session

I cannot believe how quickly time is moving! It seems like only yesterday that we brought sweet Arya home, but as I write this she is quickly approaching four weeks old. We are still enjoying all the sweet new baby cuddles, and adapting to life with three kiddos. Our boys are more in love with their little sister every day. One of our biggest hurdles right now is just making sure they don’t love on her too much! Anytime Ayra starts crying I have to make sure and beat the boys to her because they are both convinced they are plenty big enough to take care of her. Owen loves snuggling with her and will often try to join her in her bouncy seat. So, we try to have a snuggle session in the bed where there’s a bit more room for all of them at least once a day 🤣

Before I know it I will be taking Ayra’s one month photos and sharing her monthly update post. But, until then, you can enjoy finally seeing her newborn photos ;P


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