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6 ways you can support your small business owning friends

We all have at least a friend or two who is a small business owner. Whether it’s on the side, or their full time gig, owning a business takes a tremendous amount of time and effort. So often we as people want to support and encourage our friends however we can, but is the way we are “helping” really help?

Here are top tips for supporting a friend with a small business, even if you may not be “doing business” with them:

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Owen: Month One

Somehow a month has already gone by! It seems like Owen gets bigger everyday (a few of my siblings are convinced he grows a little bit

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2018: A Year of Hills and Valleys-Living Life in the Midst of Blessings and Tragedies

I have struggled for a long time with how, or if, I should share about this. It’s not something I naturally want to talk about, at least not on a public level. I think we all have a tendency to want to put our “best face” out there, and appear like we have life by the horns, that nothing ever goes wrong. The reality of the matter is we are all human. We all have struggles. We all have our time on the mountain and our time in the valley.

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