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Arya Grace: 1 month

One month into life with baby Arya and we are all smitten. This little girl is so super sweet and is probably the smiliest newborn I’ve ever seen (she refuses to smile when the camera is out but, think I may have got a couple of shots :P).

She already loves to study the world around her and gets super excited when daddy is near.

Her brothers are so very proud of her. Owen calls her baby sissy (and refuses to try to say Arya…in fact he growls at us when we ask him to), but William on the other hand loves using her full name Arya Grace.

I’m certain this little girl is probably going to be mobile early as she already makes it very clear she would like to be going with her big brothers.

All in all life with three is going pretty well. We have our crazy moments, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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