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Arya Grace: 2 months

Well I blinked and 2 months has already gone by since we welcomed baby girl into our home.

Our little over achiever is already rolling over from belly to back and tries her hardest to scoot around (hasn’t quite figured that out yet though and I’m not mad :P). She will also “jump” (for lack of a better description) toward whoever she wants to hold her (usually daddy :P). She loves to “talk” to us and has started laughing. Still one of the smiliest babies ever!

This month we figured out some of her sleep troubles so her daddy and I are feeling a bit more rested these days XD

Her brothers are just as smitten with her as ever, and Owen has actually said Arya a few times now. 99% of the time she is still “baby sissy” to him though.

Here are some photos of month two with Arya Grace:

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