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priviate lightroom editing services offered worldwide

I see you…
You’re busy throughout the week with all the ins and out of running a business – on top of life. Sessions and weddings to shoot, managing social media, marketing, emails, you know the drill. If you’re looking to regain some time in your life one of the easiest ways to do that is to cross editing off your list…permanently

I specialize in editing for photographers with a bright/light and airy and classic true to color styles. 

I’m passionate about providing my clients with consistent beautiful work that is consistent with their unique style and helping them to regain their time!

For more info on the process keep reading below. If you’re ready to get started I’d love to chat with you about if we would be a great fit for one another!  


Each photographer has their own unique style. Your images will be edited using your presets and common practices to keep you delivering consistent galleries that are beautifully yours.

original image
Example I
Example II
Example III



$ .04 per image submitted
  • Galleries can be culled based on the photographers preference. Some photographers choose to have gallery culled to a specific amount of images while other choose to keep everything aside of out of focus/blinks/etc


$ .25 per image edited
  • Includes: cropping/straightening, all basic tab adjustments, tonal curve, hsl, color grading, detail tab


$ .20 per image edited
  • Covers selective edits made in addition to lightroom enhancement including: subject select, sky select, linear gradient, radial gradient, brushes, color/luminance select, etc


$ .50-$5 quoute per image based on job
  • When just a bit more than lightroom is required jobs can be taken into photoshop. Some common requests include: face swaps, object removal, advanced skin retouching, liquify, border extension

Before & After

Before After
Before After
Before After
Before After
Before After
Before After


In order to serve my clients well I only take on a limited amount of photographers at one time. To inquire availability email or fill out the contact form below 

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