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Oklahoma Portrait Photographer: William is 2!

This post is a little late (mostly because William’s 2 year portraits kept getting pushed back), but our boy turned two a couple of weeks ago! I know it’s such a cliche, but I just can’t believe how quickly time is going! It seems like just yesterday I was bringing my tiny little 6 lb baby home, and somehow now he walks and talks and has a big personality. 

He has adapted so well to being a big brother and he is all about helping with Owen. He is constantly bringing him toys, and his pacifier, and making sure to let me know when he cries…even when he is in my hands 😂.

We took William’s two year pictures in Canton park a few days ago. He did really well over all, but I do think he has developed a little bit of photographer’s child syndrome. He has very little interest in having his picture taken…and would much rather be holding the camera taking pictures himself. We managed to capture plenty that I love though, and that show off his stage in life so well! (He is constantly running around…and chewing on his hands..dang two year molars.) 

Hope you enjoy this little glimpse into the life of my two year old wild child 😂

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