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Friday Fav’s: ThredUp – High End Clothing On a Budget

A few weeks ago I did a post about shopping curated consignment (you can see it here if you missed it), and I mentioned that ThredUp had been recommended to me as an online option (but I hadn’t had a chance to try them myself yet)

Since then I placed an order through them, and absolutely love it! With that in mind I felt like they deserved their own post highlighting this awesome service they provide!

American Eagle Sweater: $1.99

I was given a $10 referral code for ThredUp (you can one too by clicking here), so for my initial trial I went in planning only to spend that $10. 

I honestly didn’t expect to be able to get to get more than one item, but I was wrong (I got 5!). The only out of pocket costs I had was the $5.99 flat rate shipping (and I do believe you get get free shipping on orders over a certain amount). 

It took my order roughly one week to arrive and right off the bat I was impressed with their packaging. Everything folded neatly and wrapped in white and teal tissue paper (thredups brand colors) and placed, along with a thank-you card, in one of the most adorable shipping boxes I have ever seen. As I pulled everything out it appeared as though they cleaned and pressed each item before packaging because everything was totally wrinkle free. 

The first item I got was the Gray American Eagle sweater shown above.

Old Navy Jacket: $1.99 Old Navy Black Skirt: $0.99

ThredUp sells a variety of gently used high-end brands and designer clothing at great prices. But you can get even more amazing deals by watching their clearance section (which is where I got all of the items shown here). The one caveat to that is the clearance items are final sale only (but at $1 and $2 that’s really not much of a risk). Regular items can be returned (with a free shipping label) and you are given store credit in the amount paid for the item (the one exception being handbags which are always final sale items). 

ThredUp has also made the shopping experience super easy by allowing you to enter your clothing size and filter by brand, style, color, price, and more to find exactly what you need really quickly. 

Banana Republic Wool Skirt: $2.99 Larry Levine Black Cocktail Dress: $2.99

Everything I ordered came in fantastic condition, and fit as I expected it to. I’m definitely going to be using ThredUp more in the future! 

As of right now ThredUp offers clothing for Women and Children. As well as shoes, jewelry, handbags/accessories, and maternity clothing. I would really like to see them add an option for men in the future because I see a bit of a hole in the market as far as that is concerned, and I have a much harder time finding sites and stores like this for my husband. 

If you are ready to give ThredUp a try just click here to receive a $10 credit that can be used towards anything on the site (no minimum orders) 

This is a great resource for finding amazing outfits for your upcoming photo session! Enjoy!


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