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Friday Fave: Clothes Mentor (Wardrobe Hack)

What you wear to your session can make a world of difference in the overall quality of your finished images. 

While we can work a lot of magic as photographers there’s really no way to compensate for clothes that don’t fit the quality level or style of your images. That being said photography can be a big (albeit very worth it) investment, and that doesn’t always leave a ton of room in the budget for clothing. So, with that in mind, for this Friday Fav I’m sharing one of my favorite solutions: Shop currated consignment. 

For my local clients one of the best places I have found is clothes mentor. They are specific to women’s clothing, but you can check out the bottom of this article for my recommendation for kiddos 😉 Clothes mentor currently has two locations in Oklahoma (Edmond, and South OKC), and currently have 143 locations nationally in 30 different states. (You can for locations near you here)  

Most curated consignment stores (clothes mentor included) only carry select name brands, and high quality clothing in like new condition. It’s like being able to shop in a department store with thrift store prices. While in clothes mentor recently I saw peices from brands like “White House Black Market, Banana Republic, Calvin Klein, and Coach, at unbeatable prices. I ran across several dresses that originally would have sold for $200 or more for $20 (or less!)

At the end of the day clothes lose their value the moment you take them off the rack at the store. So, even if you have the cash to spare shopping curated consignment can still be a great move. It cuts down on waste (it takes clothes years to break down), and frees you up to invest in things that are going to hold their value better than a new top!

As far as Children’s Clothing in the OKC area “Once Upon a Child” is fantastic. It has always been super clean and well organized any time I have been. (

For those who don’t make it to the city often, or perhaps are an out of state reader there are lots of great online options popping up. The one that has been most recommended to me (and I very much like what I’ve seen of it) is thredUP You can get a $10 to spend free by using the link posted above 😉

Unfortunately I’m still looking for a great option for Men’s clothing. If you know of any I would love to hear from you!

What about you? Where are your favorite places to shop for high quality/designer clothing?


  • This is such a good idea for a blog post! Second-hand stores are the beeest!

  • Good advice. I love consignment shops. You never know what goodies you will find.

  • What an awesome concept. I have never even heard of this!! Thank you so much- you just taught me something! Who wouldn’t want designer threads at a fraction of the price!! 😀


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