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Floral Rainy Spring Wedding First Baptist Church, Elk City OK | Leda + Jordan

With the glow coming off of this sweet couple, you’d never know it rained their entire wedding day…

Leda and Jordan’s gorgeous spring wedding was as precious as it was beautiful. From their excitement to be getting married, to the sweet details they worked into their day, it was truly an honor to get to witness and capture the day as it unfolded.

We weren’t expecting a rainy wedding day, in fact a check of the radar the day before showed only a 5% chance of mild showers, but as I made the hour and a half drive to the Church in Elk City that morning it quickly became apparent that 5% was going to become a reality. By the time I had arrived on site the radar had updated to a 90% chance of showers for the entire length of the wedding.

Thankfully the church had a large, beautiful, covered porch area so I knew worse case we would have at least one outdoor location we could use for photos of the couple and bridal party.

When I first entered the bridal prep room there was an evident feeling of excitement and peace. Leda, taking the change in weather with grace, was glowing with anticipation. As I gathered the details I noticed a dried rose was among them. I asked Leda if it was significant and she told me it was the flower she was given from Olivia’s bouquet and she had saved it all this time (Braden and Olivia’s wedding is also on the blog from can see it here).

At that wedding, near the end of the reception, the bride had divided up her bouquet to all the single weddings and told them to keep the flower as a reminder of patience in their time of waiting to find their own spouse, and to pray for whoever that future spouse might be. Leda had brought her flower along to tuck in her on bouquet, which she intended to continue the tradition with at the end of her own reception.

After details, Leda got into her dress (Would you believe she found it at a thrift store and it fit her like a glove?! It was absolutely perfect in my opinion 🙂 ), and headed out to a first look with her dad. After sharing a few sweet moments with her dad, it was time for the couples first look together.

Seeing the look on Jordan’s face as he turned around to see his bride was priceless! After they shared a few quiet moments together it was time for the bridal party, followed shortly by the ceremony.

After the ceremony and family formals we headed out for couples portrait time. At this point the rain was coming down steadily. Thanks to the large covered porch it wasn’t too much of a panic because I knew we could a large variety just in that area. However, the spring trees were in full blossom, and it was a bit of bummer not to be able to use them, especially as one cherry blossom tree on the back side of the church happened to match Leda and Jordan’s wedding colors perfectly.

We talked about possibly sneaking out from the reception if there happened to a break in the rain later….but just as finished up taking portraits on the porch the rain slowly died down and then stopped (aside from a few light sprinkles). We bee lined it for the cherry blossom tree and wound up getting some of the most stunning portraits of the day there (all in less than 5 minutes).

The reception, just as the ceremony, was a sweet testament not only of Leda and Jordan’s love for one another, but also of their faith. The cut their cake, fellowshipped with friends, and family, Leda had a moment with all the single ladies as she divided up her own bouquet, and then Leda and Jordan gathered with their parents as both of their fathers prayed for their marriage and new life together.

One moment during the reception that I found poignant was during the bouquet distribution. Leda took the dried rose from her bouquet and set it on the table behind her. After she was done distributing her bouquet she returned the rose to Olivia, and thanked her for the reminder it had been, and that she wouldn’t be needing it now. And I noticed, that after 3 ad 1/2 years of leda keeping this flower in tact several petals finally gave way and began to fall off.

Leda and Jordan, as you begin your life together I pray that you will always cherish your beginnings, remember to find joy in the small things and in one another. But, most of all I pray you keep your faith in God at the center of your marriage. If you do that everything else will fall into place. Congrats and thanks for giving me the honor of capturing your special day!


The dried rose
Onlookers for the father daughter first look
Congrats Mr and Mrs Baker!


This wedding was coordinated, planned, and designed by Leda, her family, and friends.
Special thanks to John and Elli Berry for coordinating, Hannah Barth for floral design, Maitland Mount for the Cake, Holly Hoffman and Olivia White for decorating, Jennifer, Alexa, and Dulcie White for catering, and the countless other family members and friends who made this special day a reality!

Venue: First Baptist Church of Elk City

Photography: Jordyn Emmert Photography

Second Shooter: Jaylie Hoffman

Bridesmaids Dresses: Called to surf

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