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Braden + Olivia| Fairview Ok |Wedding

Every wedding I ever photograph is so special to me. Through the entire process I get to know my couples, and by the time the wedding day rolls around more often than not they feel like family. Even at weddings where I haven’t had the opportunity to meet the Bride and Groom before the day of the even there is something so intimate about attending a wedding that gives you a glimps into the couples life, and creates an instant connection.

But this wedding was particularly special.

The groom, Braden, is my younger cousin. Our families have always been very close, so I’ve watched him grow from an ornery little boy, into a kind, God honoring (though still pretty ornery ;P ) man.

As if that isn’t special enough in itself the bride, Olivia, is my husbands sister. I met Liv when she was 12 years old, and have watched her blossom into an incredible woman who will make an amazing wife for Braden.

Never in my life have I had so much trouble holding back tears during the ceremony.

Each detail of their day was so precious and full of love. Their entire wedding day was brought together with the help of family, and you could truly see the love in each aspect of the day.

Olivia shared two father daughter first looks. One with her own daddy – her biggest supporter, and one with her new father-in-law…who’s known her since she was a little girl and already had so much involvement in her life.

Braden’s reaction to seeing Liv when she walked down the aisle was too stinking precious for words! His jaw dropped, followed by a huge grin and a double take shared with his dad…who officiated the ceremony.

Family formals was probably the most difficult part of the day…because these two both come from HUGE families (Braden is the oldest of 11 and Olivia is one of 12)….and there were several I actually needed to be in 🤣 Thankfully being at a wedding surrounded by family meant there were plenty of people around I trusted to snap the family formals I was in. I was super nervous about about working with the groomsmen considering my cousin, husband, and brother were all in the bridal party, but they were all cooperative (they just teased me…a lot :p )

I’m so honored to have had the opportunity to capture this sweet day for two super special people, and I hope they will treasure these images now as they begin their lives together, and later as the reminisce back to the day that began the start of their family legacy.

I love you so much Braden and Liv…I’ve so enjoyed watching you both grow up and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for the two of you together!


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