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Maci and trenton|Oklahoma State University Wedding

“You mean so much to me and I’m so glad you’ll be by my side forever! Each step you take in these shoes is one step closer to forever as “us”. I love you more each day and I’ll never stop. So if you don’t mind…get to walking a little faster! I can’t wait any longer Mrs. Inselman

Love, T”

If the note Trenton left on the bottom of Maci’s shoes doesn’t show you how adorably sweet these two are together I don’t know what will. The moment you walk into a room with Maci and Trenton their love for one another is evident. In addition to their love for one another they are some of the most truly thoughtful people I have had the pleasure of meeting and this world is a little better for the fact that they found each other. 

Every part of their wedding day was beautiful (even in spite of the heat). They were surrounded by family and friends as Maci walked down the aisle to a bagpiper (and you are definitely gonna need to see the photos of Trenton seeing his bride for the first time. They are priceless.) 

I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to have been a part of these two special peoples big day!

Maci and Trenton I wish you the best of luck in the life you are building together! You two were made for each other. 


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001_Maci and Trenton-42_Maci and Trenton-38
002_Maci and Trenton-9
003_Maci and Trenton-5_Maci and Trenton-20
004_Maci and Trenton-2
005_Maci and Trenton-8
006_Maci and Trenton-18_Maci and Trenton-21
007_Maci and Trenton-46
008_Maci and Trenton-26_Maci and Trenton-16
009_Maci and Trenton-25
010_Maci and Trenton-23_Maci and Trenton-47
011_Maci and Trenton-56
012_Maci and Trenton-52_Maci and Trenton-49
013_Maci and Trenton-55_Maci and Trenton-58
014_Maci and Trenton-60
015_Maci and Trenton-65
016_Maci and Trenton-68
017_Maci and Trenton-72_Maci and Trenton-71
018_Maci and Trenton-78
019_Maci and Trenton-86_Maci and Trenton-82
020_Maci and Trenton-89
021_Maci and Trenton-90_Maci and Trenton-92
022_Maci and Trenton-100_Maci and Trenton-98
023_Maci and Trenton-111
024_Maci and Trenton-103
025_Maci and Trenton-112_Maci and Trenton-106
026_Maci and Trenton-109
027_Maci and Trenton-121
028_Maci and Trenton-119_Maci and Trenton-114
029_Maci and Trenton-129
030_Maci and Trenton-116
031_Maci and Trenton-117
032_Maci and Trenton-113
033_Maci and Trenton-124_Maci and Trenton-120
034_Maci and Trenton-128
035_Maci and Trenton-146_Maci and Trenton-130
036_Maci and Trenton-134
037_Maci and Trenton-132_Maci and Trenton-137
038_Maci and Trenton-142
039_Maci and Trenton-149_Maci and Trenton-153
040_Maci and Trenton-158
041_Maci and Trenton-148_Maci and Trenton-163
042_Maci and Trenton-155
043_Maci and Trenton-169
044_Maci and Trenton-166
045_Maci and Trenton-171
046_Maci and Trenton-177
047_Maci and Trenton-175
048_Maci and Trenton-178
049_Maci and Trenton-181
050_Maci and Trenton-183
051_Maci and Trenton-186
052_Maci and Trenton-185
053_Maci and Trenton-187
054_Maci and Trenton-179_Maci and Trenton-188
055_Maci and Trenton-189
056_Maci and Trenton-191
057_Maci and Trenton-195
058_Maci and Trenton-194_Maci and Trenton-196
059_Maci and Trenton-198
060_Maci and Trenton-201
061_Maci and Trenton-207_Maci and Trenton-199
062_Maci and Trenton-206
063_Maci and Trenton-208
064_Maci and Trenton-210
065_Maci and Trenton-215
066_Maci and Trenton-211
067_Maci and Trenton-212
068_Maci and Trenton-217
069_Maci and Trenton-218_Maci and Trenton-216
070_Maci and Trenton-223
071_Maci and Trenton-225
072_Maci and Trenton-226
073_Maci and Trenton-224
074_Maci and Trenton-227
075_Maci and Trenton-235
076_Maci and Trenton-234_Maci and Trenton-220
077_Maci and Trenton-239
078_Maci and Trenton-240
079_Maci and Trenton-241
080_Maci and Trenton-242
095_Maci and Trenton-248_Maci and Trenton-251
096_Maci and Trenton-247
097_Maci and Trenton-256
098_Maci and Trenton-259
099_Maci and Trenton-246
100_Maci and Trenton-254
101_Maci and Trenton-291_Maci and Trenton-288
102_Maci and Trenton-277
103_Maci and Trenton-283_Maci and Trenton-286
104_Maci and Trenton-294
105_Maci and Trenton-295
106_Maci and Trenton-300_Maci and Trenton-301
107_Maci and Trenton-306
108_Maci and Trenton-310
109_Maci and Trenton-320
110_Maci and Trenton-315_Maci and Trenton-318
111_Maci and Trenton-321
114_Maci and Trenton-323
115_Maci and Trenton-329
116_Maci and Trenton-325
117_Maci and Trenton-330_Maci and Trenton-332
118_Maci and Trenton-336
119_Maci and Trenton-339
120_Maci and Trenton-340
121_Maci and Trenton-349
122_Maci and Trenton-344_Maci and Trenton-327
123_Maci and Trenton-348
124_Maci and Trenton-350
125_Maci and Trenton-354
126_Maci and Trenton-353
127_Maci and Trenton-352


Venue: Oklahoma State University 

Photographer: Jordyn Emmert Photography 

Videographer: Colten Hall

Dress: Lillian’s Prom and Bridal

Hair: Hair By Bailee

Florals: Garden Party Floral

Cake: Seth and Allison Jordan, Living Kitchen Farm and Dairy 

DJ: Tequila Kim

Reception Venue: Coney Island 

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