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Emily’s Fall Maternity Session| Canton Oklahoma

I can’t believe this beautiful mama will be welcoming baby number two around this time next month! 

As I edited this session I kept thinking back to the crazy whirlwind she experienced last summer. Emily gave birth to Leo 5 weeks early due to complications. Her August was full of hospital stays, long days away from her husband while she stayed with baby, and a lot of sleepless nights. I am so thankful that even though things did not go to plan God had his hand on Emily and Leo and he was, and is, a strong healthy little fella. Emily’s strength over the past year was inspiring as Leo was never able to nurse and she pumped for him for almost an entire year. That takes so much determination and dedication! So far things seem to be going really well for Emily this time around, and I am so happy for her! (and so glad to have actually gotten to take maternity photos for her this time around.)

I also had a rather embarrassing realization during all of this. You know those moments in which you are doing something you’ve done a hundred times, but this time someone is watching you so you become incredibly aware of everything you’re doing (or is that just me). Well I had one of those moments today. As I was editing William came and asked me to call his grandma so I pulled facetime up on the side of my compute screen and they were chatting while I continued to edit. About half way through this call I realized I was sticking my tongue out while I was concentrating. Then I slowly came to the realization that I always stick my tongue out while editing, and now I’m just a tad mortified. There goes all chances of me taking my work to a coffee shop, because I look like a crazy person while doing it 😂 (or maybe I’ll just do it anyone…If I’m sipping coffee I can’t very well stick my tongue out right 😛

In all seriousness though I am super happy for you Em (and you too Uriah 😉 ) I can’t wait to meet the little one!

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  • those are so cute even though i’ve seen them before it still wows me 😀


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