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Byrl & Jocelyn | Bright Morning Farms | Wedding

Jocelyn and Byrl have a unique love story to stay the least! During Highschool Jocelyn worked at outback steakhouse and one night, after a big game, Byrl and his friends came in looking for good meal. But, what Byrl found was the woman of his dreams. He slipped her a note saying “follow me on twitter” to which she responded back with another note saying “No. You follow me on twitter” and the rest is history. They began dating, got engaged, and after 8 years together they tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony this past weekend at Bright Morning Farms.

Jocelyn has been planning her wedding day since before she could even write and boy did it show!  From Jocelyn’s sleeves made of her mothers dress, her grandmothers engagement ring, and the memorial for Byrl’s father, their day was full of precious details and memories. Every aspect of the ceremony and reception were meticulously planned, and absolutely stunning!

Jocelyn and Byrl, my prayer for you as you begin your life together is that you will always keep each other close. Keep God first, and each other second, and everything else will fall into place. When life has challenges remember the love you are fighting for and the vows you have made and emerge stronger together. 

Enjoy your honeymoon!




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