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Owen: Month 4

So you know how last month I said “one of these days I’ll be on time for Owen’s monthly post”? Yeah that’s not today 😛 I guess I may just need to resign myself

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Owen: Month Three

Once again I am late with Owen’s monthly post. Maybe one of these days I’ll actually get it posted on time It’s been a wild month around here, and it’s probably going to stay

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Owen: Month Two

Owen is two months old! This little man is growing soooooo fast. He is already over 14 pounds and steadily gaining . William was so tiny for so long (and still is) I kind

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Owen: Month One

Somehow a month has already gone by! It seems like Owen gets bigger everyday (a few of my siblings are convinced he grows a little bit every single time he eats…which is often 😛 ) 

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