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Danielle & Jacob |Fall Wedding| Tulsa OK-Camp Loughridge

Everything about Danielle and Jacobs wedding day was so super sweet. From Danielle’s handmade dress (made with love by her own mama), down to the music selection for the ceremony, every detail was planned with purpose and meaning. I seriously teared up several times at their wedding. Their commitment to one another and close relationships with their family were so evident, and beautiful. 

Despite having a later ceremony, it was super important to Danielle for Jacob’s first time seeing her in her dress to be the moment she walked down the aisle, so a first look was not an option for them. However, they did decide on sharing a quiet moment together before the ceremony with a “first touch”. They met on the porch on opposite sides of a pillar (with much planning so that Jacob didn’t sneak a peak…he could hardly resist πŸ˜› ). They spent a quiet time together holding hands and talking about their upcoming ceremony and their lives together. 

After their ceremony we had just enough time for a few quick newlywed photos together as the sun set completely before heading t0 their reception.

It was so heartwarming to see how many of their close friends and family members came together and made this day not only beautiful, but memorable for this couple as the began their new life together. 

Danielle and Jacob it is my hope and prayer for you both that you will keep your commitment to one another, and even more importantly to God, all of your life. Cherish these days as you begin life together in Oregon. The beginning years are such sweet memories, but the good news is it gets even better from here. Congratulations on your marriage and the beginning of your own little family! 

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  1. We are so happy with all the pictures! I feel like you worked so hard to get all the special moments captured and did a fantastic job! Your kind words made me tear up, and were so accurate to how we/ Danielle felt! Thank you so much!

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